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By Admin 14 May 2019 9

A new summer of sport may be on the horizon, but for many of us the season never ended thanks to your favourite handheld devices. There seems to be no better time in 2019 to check out the best sports manager games that mobile gaming has to offer.

Not a sports fan? Perhaps you'll enjoy this list of great puzzle games instead!

Better still, armchair sports fans can chill out and enjoy this cerebral selection of sporting simulations without breaking into a sweat. Whether you'r on iOS or Android, a Soccer sycophantic or a Motorsport maniac, we've got you covered.

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  • 80's Mania Wrestling

Pro Strategy Football 2019

Developer: Pro Strategy Games
Platforms: iOS Universal
Price: £4.99

Considering its popularity, football of the American variety feels very under-represented in games. There are a few arcade-y options and of course EA is present with the usual free-to-play butchering of a great game in the absurdly titled Madden NFL Overdrive Football, but quality management games are few and far between.

The one serious choice is the Jersey Russell College White Wilson 16 Stitched Pro Strategy Football series, which once again delivered a very solid offering in its 2018 edition and has now evolved into the 2019 version. It’s a fun and playable coaching game but also accurate and realistic depending how deep you want to dive in. One of the best things about PSF is how flexible it is, so you can have a quick single match or a multi-season career and then on the field you play in beginner mode just choosing the type of play or expert mode in which you can micromanage every player’s role.

It’s a great game for novices who want to learn more about the complexities of gridiron and hardcore players who want to control every aspect of their team.

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Football Manager Touch 2019 (Review)

Developer: SEGA
Platforms: iPad, Android
Price: $19.99

There's no arguing that Football Manager is the king of football management simulations, and FM Touch extends the series' dominion in to the mobile sphere. The Touch games offer a more accessible take on the PC version, with an interface specially designed for tablet devices. If you're looking for a cheaper and more accessible FM experience, then you should check out Football Manager 2019 Mobile.

FM19 Touch is just as good as the 2018 (which occupied this spot until now), but it's worth noting that the changes between the versions are slim. There's no doubt that this game deserves to claim a top spot in our list, but if you already have previous year's versions, bear in mind you may baulk a bit at having to re-purchase the game again.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 (Review)

Developer: Playsport Games
Platforms: iOS Universal, Android
Price: $3.99

This series scores an easy pole position in the motorsport management genre, and the latest instalment is the best looking and most feature-rich yet. For a sport game on mobile devices, this is achingly beautiful, especially the dioramic race tracks which are just so pretty. But the game has lots of substance as well as style with plenty to keep you busy as the principal of a motorsport team, including recruiting drivers, developing the best cars and investing in your facilities. Once the action switches to the track during qualifying and races you’ll still have plenty of decisions to make on race strategy, car set-up and tyres.

For the third game in the series Playsport Games has added six new championships across GT and endurance races, making it deeper than ever before. As our four-star review suggested, MM3 does a great job of getting players emotionally invested in their teams, with a fine line between winning and losing “A game made up of so many small decisions and menus allows for a surprising amount of excitement. Watching those small dots speed around the screen may not give the surge of pleasure a standard racing game would, but watching your team secure a win, leading to a championship is genuinely wonderful.”

Cricket Captain 2018

Developer: Childish Things Ltd
Platforms:  iOS Universal, Android
Price: £8.99

This series has been around on mobile devices for several years, but without much fanfare, despite being well received by players. Perhaps cricket is more of a niche interest than other sports, particularly among European or American gamers, but this is a must-buy if you are fan of hearing leather on willow.

Cricket management is a very narrow genre, but this game is unrivalled in it with its deep, accurate and comprehensive simulation. Very much the Football Manager of cricket games with its attention to detail, this is packed with features, stats and tactical options that should keep virtual cricket captains happy for many hours.

Football Chairman Pro

Developer: Underground Creative
Platforms: iOS Universal, Android
Price: £2.99

Not so much Championship Manager as Chairmanship Manager. This simple but satisfying simulation puts you at the head of the table in the boardroom rather than being in the manager’s office or dugout. Instead of being the football manager going to the chairman asking for extra funds or more time to build you squad, you are the chairman who makes the decision on the hiring and firing of your club’s manager. If you get that decision right, along with sponsorship deals, stadium development, transfers, contracts and more, you’ll be able to turn your little non-league football team into a major force.

It’s a more basic, quick-playing game than, say, Football Manager but its fast pace allows you to whizz through seasons in minutes and hours rather than days and months, making it great for short sessions on the commute. Despite the simplicity and less detail, it’s still got plenty of choices for you to make as the big boss, and enough addictive power to keep you coming back.

Baseball Highlights 2045

Developer: Peter Kossits
Platforms: iOS Universal, Android
Price: $3.99

As its name suggests this clever card came condenses baseball matches into short bite-sized 10-minute matches. If you are looking for realism then I suggest you move on as this futuristic take on America’s favourite sport has a player roster that includes robotic and cybernetic players. An entire game consists of each player only playing a total six cards, but it still manages to pack in a lot of tough decisions and tension. On your way to the World Series you get to draft new players into your hand, which gives the whole experience a pleasing bubble-gum card collecting nostalgia.

Punch Club

Developer: tinyBuild
Platforms: iOS Universal, Android
Price: $4.99

This may not be a sports sim in the strictest sense of the word, but if you are interested in a boxing-themed game with lashings of 1980’s nostalgia then Punch Club rings all the right bells. You embark on a Rocky-style quest of vengeance by setting up fights, whilst juggling your work and social life.  It is a game that takes more than its graphical sensibilities from the 1980’s, being tougher than Apollo Creed. This means that you will be doing more grinding than a dirty dancing barista. However, it is still a fine game that is well worth checking out.

New Star Cricket

Developer: New Star Games
Platforms: iOS Universal, Android
Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases

A cricketing themed follow up to New Star Football that is perfect for those who prefer the thwack of willow on leather. You begin your career with a lowly club in your favourite cricketing nation.  Each season you will compete in both 20 and 50 over competitions. Perform well and famous clubs will be queuing up for your signature, you may even get an international call-up. The game does not stray too far from the winning formula of its forbearer. A series of mini-games enable you to improve your skills and have an impact on matches at key points. Gameplay is as equally satisfying in bite-sized spells as it is in marathon sessions, which makes for an ideal mobile game that will have you padding up and heading out to the middle time and time again. 

1st & Goal

Developer: R&R Games
Platforms: iOS Universal
Price: $4.99

Based on a popular board game, 1st & Goal uses a combination of dice and cards to simulate the rough and tumble of American football. Opponents play cards to determine their offensive and defensive strategies and then dice are rolled to determine the outcome. The dice used will depend on the strategies selected.  For instance, if the offensive team chooses a rushing play and their opponents choose a passing defence, then the offensive team will have a big advantage. You can play a one-off exhibition match, compete in the play-offs or embark on a full season. Whatever you decide you will get a game that sticks closely to its board game roots, with straightforward rules, together with tense bluff and double bluff gameplay.

Hall of Fame

What would your list of the best sports management games on mobile look like? Let us know in the comments!


Wed May 30, 2018 3:27 pm
With an exciting summer of sport just around the corner, there seems to be no better time to check out the best sports manager games that mobile gaming has to offer.

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Stitched College Marquis Red Tide 4 Maze Crimson Jersey
Wed May 30, 2018 5:46 pm
Not being sporty, but interested in management sims, my list is short.

First place: The Cricket Captain series - latest version CC 2017. Very comprehensive featuring a variety of competition types with a good selection of teams. I think it well captures the atmosphere of the real game.

Jersey Russell College White Wilson 16 Stitched

Second: Women’s Soccer Manager. I know nothing about soccer; even less about women’s soccer, so I had to try this when it was released a few month’s ago and have been playing it daily since then. Extremely basic, almost arcade like, so works for me. Concentrates on player training and transfers and not much else. Tactics can be changed and boost cards played during the text based on-line matches.

Third: Footbal Chairman (Pro). One up from management games as we can hire and fire managers. Even more basic, no graphics, but fast and fun to play for a few seasons after which it becomes repetitive. There is also a lite version.
Punch Club is a lot of fun, but the grind at the end of the game is so unbearable.

I really wish they'd do a basketball management sim. I remember there was one on the PC from the early 90s that was actually pretty good, it was a pure sim game a bit like sensible soccer but not as complex (obviously or it would have garnered much more attention). Wish they'd do another that wasn't apart of the Live/2K series!
Thu May 31, 2018 11:18 am
New Star Soccer used to be a phenomenal game but after a big "update" that turned it into a freemium title, it became a dud. It doesn't deserve to be on your list. It is completely unbalanced in all areas of play in its current state, just wanting to suck your money for "energy drinks". This switch to freemium ruined one of the best gems on iOS and still saddens me till this day. This is not the game that won that BAFTA.
Why are you recycling content?
Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:41 pm
Jersey Russell College White Wilson 16 Stitched [quote=serp post_id=26068 time=1535544479 user_id=43305]
Why are you recycling content?

While I'm trying to avoid re-published stuff like this being the only thing to go live in a day, it's part of a new strategy we're testing to recycle these kinds of guides more regularly. Some genuinely needed updating, like this one, although some others (and especially in the future) won't see many changes between updates.

All I can really say is that, while regulars will have read this before, these kinds of articles are always bringing in new people, and there's always someone new turning up reading this for the first time, and that's in part due to careful and regular maintenance we're doing.

College Stitched Jersey 7 Sooners Red
Like I said, ideally, there's genuinely new stuff - like reviews or news - going up the same day as a guide refresh, but sometimes it doesn't pan out that way. As I've always said, I'd rather something happen then nothing.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:18 am
The only one I think does not belong on the list is MLB 2018. It is an old run down app that is in desperate need of a complete facelift. The Minor League system is pared down to nothing but a placeholder for extra players and the draft system is weak with a glut of useless players. Overall the game has not changed much since its inception and it is not worth the money.
Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:34 pm
For baseball, Bottom of the 9th is a pretty great game. It's based off a physical dice game and works the same way. (bonus that there's no IAP, and it works offline)

And if we're calling Punch Club a sports game, check out 80's Mania Wrestling if you've ever wanted to manage a wrestling organization. It's a little grindy and random with the wrestler acquisitions (I have trouble getting heel tag teams that aren't terrible) but it's pretty fun if you just want to do some fantasy booking with vaguely recognizeable 80's and 90's wrestling characters.
Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:48 pm
[quote=MasterDave post_id=27246 time=1551890091 user_id=44481]
3 Eagles Jersey Basketball Golden College Dwyane Stitched Wade Blue Navy For baseball, Bottom of the 9th is a pretty great game. It's based off a physical dice game and works the same way. (bonus that there's no IAP, and it works offline)

And if we're calling Punch Club a sports game, check out 80's Mania Wrestling if you've ever wanted to manage a wrestling organization. It's a little grindy and random with the wrestler acquisitions (I have trouble getting heel tag teams that aren't terrible) but it's pretty fun if you just want to do some fantasy booking with vaguely recognizeable 80's and 90's wrestling characters.

Well I'll admit Punch Club is a bit of a stretch but it's not the most well served genres so we've tried to be a bit creative. Thanks for the recommendations though!
Jersey Russell College White Wilson 16 Stitched Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:11 am
I was thinking if Punch Club is included, anyone wanting another boxing career sim game that is fun and has a little depth to it (and is free) is Prizefighters. I got into this when first released and although there is little replay once you have maxed out your boxer, it is a fun ride getting there. The developer is also constantly working on the game and has bought many extra modes out and even online play. A really good game to get into now if you have never played in the past. Even the new achievements/goals section has got me to play through one more time.

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